Play Rugby

Allambie Jets is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and is part of the SJRU (Sydney Junior Rugby Union) competition. 

Our Club offers rugby pathways for kids in the following rugby divisions.

Mini’s (U6s- to U9s) 

Juniors (U10s to U12s)

The correct age group for children is determined by calendar years. For example, children turning seven years old either on 1st January or 31st December will play in the U7s team for that year. Children may play in teams outside of their age group for circumstances deemed appropriate and should be discussed with the Club.

We welcome boys and girls to join the Jets from 4 year old to 12 year olds in competitions running from late March to August each year.

Minis - U6s to U9s

Our U6sprogram is “tip” rugby and serves as the starting point for players with games played on Saturday mornings throughout the Northern Beaches. 

These sessions offer a safe and enjoyable environment for learning fundamental rugby skills. In the U6s, emphasis is placed on learning  passing, running in the right direction and having fun, all while using two-handed tags instead of tackling. Our program adheres to the rules outlined by Rugby Australia’s pathway guidelines.


In U7s, we reinforce and build on the skills  introduced in the U6s. Towards the end of the season, we introduce safe tackle fundamentals during training sessions. Finally, in the last month of the season, players use these new tackle skills in games against other clubs from the Manly Village area.


At the Under 8 level, girls are presented with a choice: boys proceed within the Mini’s competition for Under 8 and Under 9 categories, while girls can opt for a newly established competition exclusively tailored for the Northern Beaches region. Alternatively, they may choose to remain in the boys’ competitions, as they are eligible to do so until the age of 12.

For boys, the journey continues within the Northern Beaches Mini’s competition, with rule advancements introduced in the Under 8 and Under 9 divisions, adhering to the Rugby Australia pathway guidelines. Matches continue to take place on the Northern Beaches, involving clubs such as Manly Village and Warringah Village.

Juniors - Under 10s to 12s

Once kids reach Under 10, we jump into the Sydney Junior Rugby Union (SJRU) games. In these games, teams from all over Sydney compete, and they’re sorted by skill level from A to G. Sorting helps ensure that kids of similar abilities play against each other, making it safer and more fun.

SJRU also has rules about weight to keep everyone safe. Boys who are heavier or lighter than certain limits get checked to make sure they can play safely.

At Under 10 and Under 11, the teams play with 12 players on a field that’s a bit narrower than usual. The games are still full-on, but we tweak some rules to make them extra exciting for players and fans.

These matches happen on either Friday nights or Sundays, and they take place all around Sydney, from Drummoyne to Hornsby, and even down to Mosman.

Our teams have lots of groups for each age from Under 10 to Under 13. When boys turn 13, we encourage them to join the Manly Savers team. It’s the best way for them to stick with rugby as they grow older.